The Culture Of Narcissism

by Enemies Of The People

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released July 12, 2012

Enemies Of The People



all rights reserved


Enemies Of The People UK

The premise is to challenge and satirise aspects of your life.

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Track Name: The End Of The Class Struggle
The End of the Class Struggle

The spectre of communism
The community of the union
A brotherhood of poverty
An oppressed collectivity
Suffering and solidarity
We had a common enemy

But then everyone got rich
Now, everything's just fine
Sky in every home
Two cars in every drive

The end of the class struggle
The age of the individual

Thatcher's revolution
Sent the industry east
Hauled out of coal mines
Sat behind a desk
Abandoned to our private lives,
Our self-interest

Then everyone got rich
No reason to complain
While away the hours
With property food and wine

The end of the class struggle
The age of the individual
Track Name: Impression Management
Impression Management

Drifting through the blogosphere
Apple Mac on your unmade bed
Designer stubble, designer shoes
Designer brain in your designer head

He’s the living embodiment of ‘style’
A character desperate for mass-approval…

Is that a beret on his head?
Is that GQ beneath his bed?
Why so conspicuously placed?
Who are you trying to convince?

An ironic profile on Facebook
Another tool in his charade
Nobody dares say it’s contrived
Only in the West is such weakness indulged

Is that a beret on his head?
Is that GQ beneath his bed?
Truth be told, my friend
I wish you were dead

He’s a music producer from North London
At the cutting edge of popular culture
Now on his knees begging for his life
Worshipping the blade of my knife
I’m in no mood for mercy, here’s the guillotine
Filming it all on his iPhone
Sickening the world on Youtube
Come midnight
Track Name: The Brits Abroad
The Brits Abroad

Crucified against St George’s cross
The martyrs to the cause
Our drunken ambassadors plastered in vomit
The office left far behind
“Its celebration time, come on!”
A fortnight from the grind

We’re the Brits abroad, the Brits abroad
An international embarrassment
The Brits abroad

He bares his ass for the
Good of the Commonwealth
But don't mention the war
And don't mention the football score
It might just rouse some emotion
We'd like to explore

We’re the Brits abroad, the Brits abroad
Taking out our dissatisfaction on foreign soil
The Brits abroad

A mini rubbish tip forms
On the beach
The Irish pub ejects them
After another confrontation with the Krauts

The Permanent Happy Hour
The slags flying the flag in Ibiza
A home from home in Tenerife
Fighting in the streets of Crete
The Brits are abroad
The Brits are abroad
Once again
Track Name: Survival Of The Fattest
Survival Of The Fattest

Channel 4 and the BEEB locked in a bidding war
For ‘Fat Sal’, as her tormentors like to call her
The only time she’s ever felt desirable
A 32 stone monstrosity beached in Wales
Her Daddy disappeared when she was young
That was all the cause Sally needed
To blame herself for everything

As the stomach expanded, the mind weakened
Couldn’t defy those whims so empowered
Now the camera crews are setting up in her Brother’s room
He’s been kicked out so his Sister
Can try to kick the blubber

Another, another fat bastard’s
35 minutes of glory
Her grotesque weight makes
For a great fucking story

Uninterrupted economic growth if you will
Fattening some TV exec’s wallet
As he catwalks between London, New York
Living the high life, funding the Class A sector
Dissatisfaction the most lucrative strategy
I guess we’re all victims, really

The cholesterol is curdling now
The sadness, a part of the soul
Self-disgust in the mirror so putrid
The quick fix is all she found
Like a true addict

Another, another fat bastard
Gets air time
And the Brits love it:
The definition of what is fat
Has just risen 3 stone

Obesity rates soar and nobody has a clue why
Jaime Oliver, Morgan Spurlock: utter bullshit
Prescriptions for healthy living: great marketing,
All part of the same cash generating machine
Incapable of self-realisation
Or regulation
Rather like a fat person

Why does nothing sell like bad news?
Sally’s heart gives in on the 14th June

(Do you think they’ll still broadcast it?)
Track Name: A Day In The Life
A Day In The Life

Dumbly watching an advert
In the hallowed high street
Cosmetic lips form a smile
So sincere...

For all the individualism
For all the self-expression
Sexuality, race, badges of identity
It all means nothing
You are still collectivised
Herded like cattle
Only as important
As you are needed

So lets drop this facade
We're not so innocent
These lives of pandemonium
A circus of self-interest

An economic crash, a war,
A change of government
You might be made redundant
The realisation dawns slowly
You are just a commodity
Invested in by a company
Tossed on the rubbish tip
When surplus to requirements

Vive Le Bourgeoisie
Vive Le Bourgeoisie